New module: Mcdoolz Social

Hey folk; I released a sandbox project I call _social a few weeks ago and I’d like to take it to full project status but I felt I should let people try it out first.

It is a social network links module for making linking to social networking pages super easy and client sustainable.

It’s not that social network pages change frequently, but it beats having to go through the typical rigmarole to set up a set of links that you can easily add to or take away from. Instead of setting up a block with HTML, or a menu system with code hacks to allow HTML icons, install this module and if you need more than one (header AND footer) you can use block clone. I’ll have to adjust the code to afford that possibility.

These links are stored in a system variable, and are the easiest method of providing a block with font awesome links (font awesome is not included and there’s no libraries check for the library).

I’m always open to criticism and welcome any input from the community regarding my work. Please feel free to use the issue queue.

Thanks for taking a look 🙂

Drupal version: