New to Drupal – frustrated with inline images

I thought I’d try rebuilding my personal site in Drupal, just for fun and gain experience with this system. So far, it’s been just about anything but fun to be honest. I’ve been building sites, for myself and clients for ages using in Joomla and WordPress but as a former collegue was so infatuated with Drupal I though I’d give it a go. Obviously I’m missing something obvious.

How do I add inline images to my text? I’ve managed to install a wysiwyg-editor but the “insert image option” there doesn’t. Or rather it asks for an URL and that’s it. Both J! and WP comes with working editors that allows you to upload and image and insert it in the text at cursor position with minimum fuss. Not so Drupal so far … so someone please point me to a working instruction for Drupal 7 (8 breaks a vital module for a later project).


Drupal version: