New web host needed for large site

I’ve been using Liquid Web’s “Storm on Demand” server for years now without a problem. However, a client has a server there and they’ve had nothing but problems then last year or so. They’d like to move to another server. So I’d like some advice on a new server.

We need one where they will fully manage it, but where we also have the ability to go in and do things like update software, install things, etc.

We need one that has CPanel, WHM and PHPMyAdmin.

It needs to be able to run Drupal and CiviCRM well.

It needs to have no problem hosting large sites. Our live site is well over 1 Gb in size, as is the development site that is also on the same server.

I’d like to find something pretty quick, as the site has been on and off all day.

No shared hosting. It would not be appropriate for the size of these sites. I’m looking for something more like VPS, cloud, etc.


Drupal version: 


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