nginx_securelink 7.x-1.1

Release notes

This release includes a few important new features and some bug fixes.

One of the major new features with this release is the ngsl_analytics module which provides many useful reports about file downloads..

Important changes since nginx_securelink 1.0:

  • New module: Nginx securelink analytics
  • New fetaure: Views based reports for list of all downloads, top downloaded files, top downloaders, top referrer pages, etc…
  • Added hook: hook_nginx_securelink_create() – Allow other modules to react on the event of a securelink being created.
  • New feature: Block clients with many failed requestlink attempts, using Drupal’s flood API. (Security improvment)
  • New feature: Admin settings for flood control
  • Don’t allow requesting link for downloading *.ngslaccess files (Security improvment)
  • Change all module package names to ‘Nginx SecureLink’
  • Added support for hejazeeshop.module (Experimental)
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