Node token is not displaying the value in meta tag description field


Content type has two fields: city and state.

Machine name: [node:field_city] [node:field_state]

Added two nodes. Each node has value in city and state fields. 

1) Go to the Configuration of the ‘Metatag’ module Home » Administration » Configuration » Search and metadata » Metatag

2) Open ‘Node’ settings and replace the value of the ‘Description’ with token [node:MACHINE NAME of the city field]

3) In description field, I entered “We are located in [node:field_city] [node:field_state]”

4) Each node has meta tag description [node:summary] to point to default setting.

When I go to the nodes > view source >  Description does not show the values of tokens. View source shows as “we are located in “. Instead I was expected as “we are located in cityname and statename”

I have done same way for other sites and it worked. I am not sure why it is not working on this site. 


Drupal version: