Notification emails for subscribed content types for anonymous users

on my site I need the ability for anonymous users to subscribe (with their email address) to a content type. Then when new content is created, a notification email should be send. I researched various modules and combination of modules, which where recommended here and on other sites, but so far nothing was suitable. Here some of them: Newsletter, Message, Message Notify, Message Subscribe, Notify, Messaging Framework, Simplenews, Notifications, Anonymous Subscriptions, Watcher.
I need the solution to be simple and relatively easy to administer, e.g. a single page or block with a checkbox for each content type, an email input and a subscribe button, and unregistration via a link in the notification email.
This is the first project I am developing with Drupal, so it may be that I am missing something basic, please let me know if that is the case.


Drupal version: