Number field

I need a field that is actually treated as a number. Something other than integer. I was using integer, but some of our numbers are too large for it and the database apparently can’t handle them. I need them treated as a number, as I need to be able to add a prefix, have it add commas, and be able to sort in actual numerical order.

If I use a regular text field, then I don’t get a prefix or the ability to have the system add the commas. And when you sort in a view, it looks like this:


Not actual numerical order.

Ours is a list of dollar amounts and we need to be able to sort the list so that the highest dollar amounts are at the top.

Is there something else I can use instead of integer? I’ve always used it, but now we’re dealing with too big of numbers. Or is there a way to make it accept bigger numbers? For instance, it says it is too big when this is entered: 2600000000

Drupal version: