openatrium 7.x-2.615

Release notes

Open Atrium 2.6.15

Instructions for upgrading

Please see the Updating Open Atrium guide!

IMPORTANT : Make a BACKUP of your database before applying any updates.

New Features

  • None

Major module/security updates

Features normally overridden

This version of Atrium is clean. On a fresh install, most features should be marked as overridden.

If OA Worktracker is marked as overridden, you can safely revert it but it will stuck as overridden unless you have the oa_worktracker_duedate submodule enabled. Features Template is also sometimes overridden and can be safely reverted and ignored. Panopoly Search can also be ignored if overridden.

Changes since last release (2.614)

OA Core 2.85

  • Fix views permissions
  • #2868972 by Jorrit: Using default parameters of oa_messages_create() causes error
  • #2868879 by Jorrit: Wrong user link in oa_messages
  • #2867874 by mpotter: EntityMetadataWrapperException: Invalid data value given when selecting “Any” space for a News view
  • #2866713 by Jorrit: oa_core_get_groups_by_user_access contains dead code
  • #2867021 by Jorrit: Configuration not read correctly in oa_core_user_spaces_render()
  • #2858349 by Jorrit, mpotter: Update oa_core_preprocess_views_view_fields to set user picture field
  • #2857151 by mpotter, Argus: Site goes blank when setting a View to “Limit to groups of current user”

OA Events 2.46

  • #2860610 by Jorrit: Notice on display settings pages with datestamp fields

OA Comment 2.15

  • Fix views permissions

OA Export 2.3

  • #2858828 by mpotter, Jorrit: Bad download path and return to blueprints link
  • #2860636 by mpotter: Downloading the ‘Default’ Blueprint taxonomy term causes an error

OA Search 2.10

  • #2852563 by Jorrit: oa_search generates illegal html by nesting H3 tags

OA Toolbar 2.16

  • #2854597 by Jorrit: Javascript error due to bad Bootstrap HTML


  • Reverted to patch #34 in issue #1901106 to fix regression in Exposed Filter options for panels panes.
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openatrium-7.x-2.615-no-core.tar.gz 29.56 MB cd19a6d6932792267ca70db5f94bdd20 33.36 MB a38287ac774383196e24b6e57dbcbda9
openatrium-7.x-2.615.tar.gz 459.53 KB be2cc4dadea29ceec916db960c930876 473.48 KB fae5228a7b57afaf1d1991ac6eee76f6
Last updated: 12 Apr 2017 at 21:19 UTC
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Patches applied in this package

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Drupal core
Drupal core
Drupal core
Drupal core
Drupal core #1973278: Error in image_styles of image.module on database update
Drupal core #2097081: Sticky headers are not calculating the column widths properly.
Drupal core #1311820: Don’t do a registry_update() before installing a module
Drupal core #1349080: node_access filters out accessible nodes when node is left joined
Drupal core #2492993: vertical tabs: Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #/<whatever>
Drupal core #980144: Issues with “required, multiple” fields in forms
Drupal core #106721: Optimize node access query building
Drupal core #2329453: Ignore front end vendor folders to improve directory search performance
Drupal core #2199001: Statically cache node access grants
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