OpenCRM and Simple Accounting Initiative

Hi all,


A month ago I started to design a system on Drupal that will help with the automation of some business processes in terms of:

– creating invoices and sending invoices to Clients with system in-place to check if the e-mail was delivered and read

– accounting reports for income, expenses, amount for investments (% that can be set up in the CMS)

– drag & drop dashboard with reporting custom blocks

– (Innovation) Digital Tax accounting based on documents from HMRC so if you are VAT registered business in the UK you wouldn’t have to use any other premium software (no a big cost but wouldn’t be it nice to have it all in one place for free)

– mail marketing (with visual mail builder)

I know that there are some modules and extensions that you can use but I would like to create something that is very flexible and scalable.

Questions to the community

Do you think it will be useful for you if I’ll create a sandbox project for OpenCRM (it’s just a temp name; we’ll change it later) distribution so we all could build something that will work for small and medium agencies as well for solo contractors?

Please let me know what do you think?

Drupal version: