Oregon State Survey with Amazon Gift Card Raffle!

Hello Drupal developers!

We are researchers from Oregon State University conducting an important study of what factors developers use to determine the complexity of a task that has been assigned to them. This study is composed of a short survey (Less than 10 minutes) and an optional quick follow-up interview. There will be a $25 Amazon gift card for every 30 participants

Answers to these task complexity questions can provide useful indications to help the effectiveness of assignment recommendation tools. By answering the survey, you are automatically enrolled in the $25 Amazon gift card which we will have when the survey closes. Additionally, if you choose to participate in the follow-up interview then you will be contacted by us to set up a time and be enrolled in an additional $25 Amazon gift card raffle (The survey and interview raffles are separate). If you are willing and able to participate in the study, please click the following link to go to the Qualtrics survey. We would greatly appreciate your help.

Survey: CAREER: Conflict Minimization in Distributed Software Development

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact: Anita Sarma ([email protected])

Thank you for considering this request and hope you can participate!
Rafael Leano
PhD Student
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University

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