Our Favorite Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric backgrounds can add interest in any design concept. Today we gathered our top favorite geometric backgrounds you can use for designing anything.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Top 10 Best Geometric Backgrounds

In a field where many designers are still using flat, single color backgrounds, you can make your web design projects stand out from the crowd when you introduce patterns, multiple colors, and dimensions. Here are 10 websites doing an outstanding job of using geometric backgrounds to enhance the delivery of their message. Draw some inspiration from them to come up with something that breathes new life into your projects.

google ventures year in review

This site uses small circles that gradually populate the screen when you first arrive at the homepage. Within a few seconds, they start to move in a swirling pattern across a white background, adding motion without distracting the visitor from the text.

This is a simple but elegant concept that hits the target with all three of our evaluation criteria. The circles and swirling patterns they form telegraph motion and forward progress, a key theme for a year-end review. The combination of the shapes and the animation are unique and give it a depth and texture that you would not get from the blank white screen. The color scheme is well-chosen too, with the darker shade of the letters serving as a nice contrast to the white background and blue circles. This site also demonstrates the impact you can have by using white space effectively in conjunction with colorful geometric shapes.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re building a new site or revamping one that has been around for a while, consider incorporating some geometric elements into your background. You’ll find tons of choices, some available for free and some you have to purchase a license for. Here are several tips to help you think through your options.

  1. Consider pairing a geometric shape with another design element, like a picture or an image of a painting.
  2. If the site is for a business, look for geometric shapes that are similar to the shape of the client’s logo. This helps build or maintain brand loyalty through consistent presentation.
  3. Symmetry is sometimes overrated. Don’t be afraid to create asymmetrical designs with different shapes or varying sizes of the same shape.
  4. Keep in mind that each form has a message of its own. For example, squares and rectangles are perceived as stable and reliable, so they’re a good choice if the site needs to inspire confidence and steadfastness. Circles communicate an ongoing nature and a continuing presence. They’re often associated with gentle ideas like motherhood, harmony, and peace; therefore, if your audience is searching for those feelings, use circles generously. Triangles depict action, forward motion, and aggression, so use them for projects that need to show speed and task completion. The bottom line is that you want to choose shapes consistent with the message you are looking to deliver.
  5. Simple, minimalist designs can be just as powerful as bright, audacious ones. However, they can be more difficult to pull off. You have to work harder to make a basic black and white design interesting and relevant. When you can pull it off, though, the result can be powerful and stunning, as evidenced by the many black and white designs on our favorites list.

Web design, like any other art form, is evolving. The days of flat, single color backgrounds for your website are fading. So much more is possible now, especially when you combine geometric patterns with color options, animation, photography, and more. As always, start with the message you’re trying to communicate and work from there, selecting the shapes, colors, and other design elements that fit best. Look around you for ideas. A light fixture, a dish in your kitchen, the shape of a road sign, or the frame around a favorite photo can all inspire a new and innovative thought. You can also draw inspiration from this favorites list of sites. These designers have mastered the art of using geometric backgrounds to get their message across to their visitors.