Outline for Aggregator module guide

For context see #2887480: Outline, standardize, and complete documentation for Drupal 8 core modules

Proposed outline

Here’s a proposed outline for what the documentation for the Drupal 8 aggregator module could contain. https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/core/modules/aggregator

  • Page: Aggregator module overview
    Module description, and example use cases. What does this module do? When should I enable it?

    Start by copy pasting from help text displayed by the help module at admin/help/aggregator, and adjust

  • Page: First steps
    Documents typical next steps when using the module, configuration, terminology, and concepts.

    • /admin/config/services/aggregator/settings
    • Module relies on cron to determine how often to pull in new content. Link to more info about that
    • define “sources” and “feed items”
    • module doesn’t create nodes, creates feed items which are teasers with links to original content
    • list content at /aggregator, and/or use views to create a custom list
  • Page: Adding and editing sources
    Documents how to add a new aggregator source, and retrieve feed items. Talk about adding fields to an aggregator source – the fields apply to the source, and not to the individual field items, you could use it to for example add a photo for the source, or a description text.
  • Page: Alternative approaches
    Outline other approaches aggregating external content, compare those project so aggregator, link to those projects.

    – Feeds module
    – etc.

  • Related content: configure cron

Next steps

Source: https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/rss/documentation