owlcarousel2 8.x-1.0-beta8

Release notes

New features and improvements:

  • added feature to present navigation as text
  • positioning info over the image
  • Feature inner text position included
  • added feature to change node text and background color
  • remove unnecessary menu link
  • added id for text navigation bar in order to make it easy to apply styles
  • custom text over image configuration included
  • youtube options included on the video item
  • File object checked before deletion
  • wrapper for carousel added to block and carousel twig files
  • added feature to show navigation as a carousel
  • Included check if the file is an instance of a file before deletion
  • feature to include images on text navigation
  • Adjust to handle display item for deleted viewes
  • navigation image included in videos
  • carousel form organization
  • active items for navigation as a carousel
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