"Packaging" Drupal

I have a question, I’ve “Googled” and looked here on Drupal.ORG, but either I’m “asking the wrong question” or something. Let me phrase it a bit differently here, where I’m not trying to get what I want from a “Search” bar. Hopefully another human being can give me a better response.

OK, I’ve got a “base” or “template” site that I’ve got put ,together (both a Drupal 7 version and a Drupal 8 version). IRunning, working site, with theme, modules, content types,, views, etc. all in and working) So, let’s say that I want to take this site, and I want to “package it up” as a Distribution, or just give to someone else to use, How do I do that? How do I end up with a nice compressed file, and the nice installer that asks whether I want to install this particular “template”, etc?

Thank you for your help.

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