panels 7.x-3.6

Release notes

This release of panels 3.6 brings in mostly bugfixes, and a few minor feature enhancements. It also includes two fixes that resolve the following SA:

* Panels – Critical – Multiple Vulnerabilities – SA-CONTRIB-2016-047

All sites are strongly recommended to update to 7.x-3.7 instead of this release.

All changes between Panels 3.5 and 3.6

  • #2784981 by dsnopek: Remove confusing legacy permissions from Panels Node
  • #2724969 by entendu: Panel Nodes do not respect default render pipeline setting
  • #2465193 by EclipseGc: Allow modules to alter IPE buttons w/o hook_page_alter implementation
  • #2391073 by mikeytown2, DamienMcKenna, joelpittet: panels_mini_load & friends need caching
  • #2229767 by joelstein: Add way to hide elements when IPE is on
  • #2405733 by dsnopek: Debug Code in panels_ipe.js
  • #2675584 by damiankloip: Allow no categories, only top level content
  • #1393782 by barraponto, DuaelFr: Node divs have margin and padding reset
  • #1042368 by thePanz, OnkelTem: Data too long for column ‘panel’
  • issue #2449979 by japerry, mcrittenden, charlie-s: Update panels documentation link for D7
  • #2488280 by gmclelland: override the default Pane title heading tag
  • #1994046 by japerry, grisendo, joelpittet: Panels node translation
  • #2671438 by drumm: More-efficiently store *_allowed_types variables
  • #2557061 by skyredwang: deprecated constructor in PHP 7
  • #2434991 by dan.munn: Changing layout shows the display settings form without saving it
  • #1391450 by zhangtaihao, Angry Dan, jwilson3, Michelle, jantoine: Panels does not hide an empty mini panel
  • #2505641 by joelstein: Panels base JS needs to be added for Panels IPE
  • #2514842 by rrfegade: Code Spell errors
  • #1441218 by fledev, davidwhthomas, japerry, malberts, MustangGB, jantoine, gstout: Use keyword replacements for CSS settings
  • #2220271 by ndobromirov: Add pre-render hooks before rendering all panes and regions
  • #2259957 by michaelmol: Let other modules filter the available layouts in panels_ipe
  • #2441097 by hctom: panels_mini_uninstall() fails when block module is not installed
  • #1588212 by axel.rutz, stevector: Add “optional” checkbox to require contexts within mini panels
  • #2011814 by jerrylow, das-peter, joelpittet: Add a JS quick filter to the add content modal dialog
  • #2390803 by dsnopek, cboyden: Keyboard focus should be on the first element in the selected category tab in the “Add content” model (accessibility problem)
  • #2448825 by dsnopek: Wrong indentation in Panels exports
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