panels 7.x-3.8

Release notes

This is a continued bugfix release based on regressions brought up in the security release for Panels 3.6.

This release is strongly recommended over Panels 3.7 to fix page manager erronously giving access denied to some panes.

Note: This release requires ctools 7.x-1.11. Make sure you update both!

Changes since Panels 3.8:

  • #2808983 by DamienMcKenna: Add tests to Panels
  • #2785981 by Елин Й.: Undefined variable $page in panels_panel_context_save() function in
  • #2329419 by heddn, mglaman: Style permissions not granular enough
  • #2479879 by temkin, joelpittet, Mixologic: Move ‘panels_page_allowed_types’ variable to a custom table
  • #2792651 by dsnopek: Watchdog error when changing layout
  • #2787637 by dsnopek: Page manager gives access denied when managing newly added variants to tasks other than ‘page’
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