panels 8.x-3.0-beta5

Release notes

This is a major release of panels that includes many panels IPE enhancements, some security features, wizards API, and better integration with workflow/workbench moderation.

Changes since 3.0-beta4:

  • #2781897 by lauriii: Title of empty block is rendered
  • #2490142 by rteijeiro, sylus: Panels Eslint errors
  • #2667754 by dsnopek, EclipseGc, japerry, phenaproxima: Allow other modules to disable the IPE based on custom logic
  • #2758645 by sylus, floretan: Fix PHP notices when changing layout
  • #2677376 by samuel.mortenson, josebc, Juterpillar, sylus: Apostrophe’s are replaced by ' for node titles
  • #2767009 by samuel.mortenson: “Create content” is displayed unconditionally
  • Removed non-existent “LayoutPluginUpdate” alias from PanelsDisplayVariant.php.
  • #2769163 by Nikhilesh Gupta, sylus, samuel.mortenson: @file docblock as per [#2665992], [#2304909]
  • #2757331 by japerry, EclipseGC, dsnopek: Provide backwards compatibility for editor plugin.
  • #2636490 by samuel.mortenson: IPE cancel button is easy to mistake for a button to close the tray
  • #2749875 by hswong3i: Move version dependency to composer.json
  • #2757331 by japerry: Remove EditorDisplayBuilder
  • #2697587 by EclipseGc, juampynr, marthinal, phenaproxima, yanniboi, japerry, dsnopek: Wizard API integration
  • Remove legacy D7 task handlers and page wizards code
  • Added default value for “settings” in Drupal.panels_ipe.init.
  • Styled Panels IPE BlockPicker items to look more like buttons.
  • #2700703 by samuel.mortenson, Bcwald: Allow items to be searched in the Panels IPE CategoryView (Change Layout/Manage Content tabs)
  • Improved Panels IPE TabsView logic to toggle body-level classes.
  • Add a box shadow to the IPE to make it more obvious that it lives off screen.
  • Quote strings that contain colons in panels.layouts.yml.
  • Split how Panels IPE sets its URL root into a utility function.
  • Fixed minor CSS problem in the IPE where CategoryView form headers were nnot rendered normally.
  • Display layout labels on hover in the IPE.
  • Add a body class when the CategoryView has its second level open in IPE.
  • Fix bug where Panelizer would override the IPE base url if Panelized Entities were displayed via AJAX.
  • Scroll when highlighting newly added Blocks in IPE.
  • Prompt users when canceling changes in IPE.
  • Switch tabs to edit after placing/creating a block in IPE.
  • Add indicator when Blocks are syncing new HTML from the server in IPE.
  • Fixed infinite loop bug when handling the Block Content form in IPE.
  • #2694011 by samuel.mortenson, Bcwald: Consolidate Create and Place Content tabs into one tab
  • #2688359 by swentel, samuel.mortenson, dsnopek: Allow editing of a block content
  • Fix flicker when selecting a Block Plugin and changing display styles in IPE.
  • Fixed Panels IPE bug where moving a Block to the lowest index and saving the form would lose position.
  • Fixed jQuery UI bug that added outdated styles to Block Picker forms on load.
  • #2681075 by samuel.mortenson: Panels IPE block view mode selection doesn’t take effect on second change
  • Fixed regression from LayoutView refactor that caused updated blocks to lose their collection index.
  • Remove flex layout on the Block Picker form in Panels IPE.
  • Use a flex-based display for the “Place Content” tab in Panels IPE.
  • Changed Drupal.panels_ipe.setFlipperHeight() to always resize the form card on flip.
  • #2674316 by japerry, legolasbo: Views row plugin is in ‘layout_plugin_views’ module
  • #2682993 by samuel.mortenson: IPE badly mangles complex block forms
  • Fixed minor bug in PanelsIPEBlockContentForm where AJAX callbacks from modules like Entity Browser would submit the form early.
  • Fixed bug when attempting to trim a Block Plugin label with no length.
  • #2672520 by legolasbo, samuel.mortenson: Moving blocks between regions using the dropdown is broken
  • Fixed minor visual bugs that allowed the CategoryView to overflow and the TabsView to appear poorly on small screen sizes.
  • #2665836 by legolasbo, samuel.mortenson, japerry: Moving to different regions, changing weight, and removing blocks should trigger an AJAX call in the IPE
  • #2624684 by japerry, rakesh.gectcr: Add composer.json to module
  • #2667668 by felribeiro: Remove IPE permissions from the Panels module
  • #2664002 by samuel.mortenson, japerry: Quickedit not working for Content Blocks rendered using the StandardDisplayBuilder
  • #2664792 by japerry: Remove known legacy D7 (or earlier code) and remove it.
  • #2657086 by legolasbo, samuel.mortenson: Use Drupal.t to translate all strings in IPE Backbone Views
  • #2659614 by legolasbo, muschpusch, japerry: Remove ‘flexible’ layout and convert remaining D7 layout plugins to D8
  • Added a body class when the IPE is active.
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