PDF Links as bulleted list…

I would like to create an Unordered (bulleted) List which is a mix of links, images, and PDF’s.

Concentrating on the PDF portion:

1 – I created a field in my content type of type “file” with PDF as an extension.

2 – And uploaded my PDF brochure which worked as expected.

3 – And now its visible as a single entity on my page.

4 – However, I want to use the link in a Unordered List, in another field, and hide the single entity.

Question: Do I have to hard code the URL? Or can I use a relative URL (something like “/files/example.pdf)?

The reason I ask is that I am using a parked domain – not the final domain (which is in use on our live site). So I don’t want the parked domain as part of the final URL solution.

This is really the first time I would be thrilled to see WordPress’s Media Manager magically appear. :^)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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