Permissions by ROLE

Not sure if this can be done, or if it requires a Module, but I have a questions regarding permissions and the use of ROLES for my Drupal 7 site.

The users are all internal, authorized users who log in for adding and editing content.

So I have 2 ROLES per “department” (e.g. accounting_creator and accounting_reveiwer, office_admin_creator and office_admin_reviewer, etc.)

My goal is to have _reviewer and _creator ROLES be able to effect ONLY content of their own “department”. So the idea is that the “accounting_reviewer” can change any content made by “accounting_creator” or “accounting_reviewer” (or the accounting “department”) but cannot edit a page created by “office_admin_creator” or “office_admin_reviewer”)

The “Edit own content” only works if the INDIVIDUAL created the content, but does not work if created by their predecessor (or the _reviewer who is a Manager cannot use this to edit their employee’s content).

I am stuck with using “Edit any content” which means anybody with this can modify ANY and ALL pages, including the front page and content from other departments.

We have a “Content Owner” Taxonomy field but that seems to only be for filtering the list of content provided to reviewers for publishing content.

I hope this makes sense and if not, please let me know and I’ll try describing it in another way.

Thank you.

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