PHP Drupal Developer For Legacy Ecommerce Site

We are looking for a PHP developer to help support a legacy Drupal 5/Ubercart eCommerce site as well as be a part of the next generation website to be worked on this year. We currently utilize a fairly standard LEMP stack and need help supporting custom applications that include both admin and customer facing tools and modules. 

Types of projects you’ll work on include integration modules with our proprietary eCommerce data back-end API, financial reports and integrations, custom decoration service quoting, and more. 

For our remote workers we prefer to get a time estimate ahead of time- but we know with a project like this to be flexible, especially as you get up to speed. 

Good candidates for this position will be self motivated, easily taught, have a solid understanding of Drupal and not be afraid to get their hands dirty with things like CURL/Guzzle, new APIs, etc.