Platform for coordinating church events

Madam / Sir,

we are a church community which extends over eight villages which are scattered over quite an area. Therefore it was decided to use the internet to coordinate the “worldy” community tasks. As CMS which is able to assist such an undertaking I suggested Drupal (what else?), so the other people of our community asked me to set up a respective website.

I’m medium experienced in wrangling with Drupal (I’m using Drupal 7 and to be frank don’t even dare to contemplate Drupal 8, I know enough PHP to alter modules and I also know some JavaScript to perform simple tasks) and for our local church we would need a Drupal distribution or a standard Drupal-7 install with hopefully existing modules to achieve the following functionalities:

1) Set up accounts with restricted privileges which allows the owners of these accounts (which I call “Organizers“) to set up nodes which contain tables listing special tasks (like “painting the rear wall”) or items (like “supply” ladder) with starting dates where other users (which I want to call “Members“) of our church community can add their names and email addresses to be included for example in our church renovation work s or our summer fair.

2) Organizers should be able to suggest that certain members supply certain items or perform certain tasks (e.g., we’ve got a painting firm in our village,so …) and Members should be able to comment on these suggestions but only the Organizers should be able to actually change the assignments. The members suggested by the Organizers should be invited to join via email and also receive an access code or a password to join a specific task.

3) There should be an overview page with a subset of information about each of the projects visible for everyone but the details should only be accessible to the respective Organizers and Members of a specific project.

4) The admin area where the Organizers can set up the task tables should be separate from the usual Drupal admin area to prevent unintended (or even intended) changes on other Drupal settings by the Organizers.

5) The table creating function in the admin area – where the Organizers can set up the task tables – should have a button like “create new table” and a field saying something like “new task” as name of the table. At the end of the table setup area there should be a button saying “new table row”. It should be as easy as possible to create the task tables as we have a lot of people here who still are uncomfortable using computers and the internet. These people should also be able to become Organizers as we want to include as many members of our church community to initiate projects as possible.

I would be very grateful to get hints from the Drupal community where to start. I’m sure Drupal 7 is more than able to cope with this task but I want to set this up as quickly as possible and it would be a waste of effort if there were easily adaptable distributions or sets of modules to achieve the functions described above. The trouble is I have never utilized Drupal 7 as such an organizing platform and I am not familiar with distributions and modules concerning organizing activities.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you for reading this.

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