Please Help, I have spent a month going around in circles trying to figure this out.


I’m not even sure Drupal is what I am looking for but here it goes.

I wish to design a site which from a standard unregistered visitor looks much like a company/employee director, with basic company information including logos, and employee details (all made as pretty as possible).

However, when a company joins the site (at this point that would be for free, but later I would like to possibility to sell subscriptions) then the company administrator would add the company details as well as set up employee accounts, with each employee having their own login (Might need a custom login fields for example: company name, username, and password).

So there is an element of company/employee directory, but the other side of the site is employees from a registered company can login in to create a client database, and each client can have an unlimited amount of prebuilt forms associated to him/her, with some forms having to be associated to a client more than once. For example, if you have an address form, that is completed for every client, and that client moves then the new address cannot over write the old address, both addresses will need to be kept and accessible by the employee.

(for now) Clients will not have a client login and all client information is private and cannot be seen by anyone else (maybe seen by the main company login, not sure yet).

Has anyone got an idea of where to start? I looked at Joomla (I have built a few very simple sites in Joomla 1.5) but I couldn’t see a way of doing this, so Im jumping ship to Drupal (If that can do it).


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