poll 8.x-1.1

Release notes

It is now possible to display configurable fields below/above a poll. Als includes a few bugfixes and improvements, see below for the detailed list.

Changes since 8.x-1.0:

  • #2769691 by gilmord: Broken ajax “View results” and “View poll”
  • #2833671 by cebasqueira, renatog: Remove unnecessary “break”
  • #2852319 by Berdir: PollPostRenderCache::renderViewForm() can fail if poll can’t be loaded
  • #2766917 by nevergone, bucefal91: Show fields added to the poll entity
  • #2837544 by nevergone, Jigar.addweb: add menu items
  • #2832814 by cebasqueira, lomasr, rosemeria: Change nomenclature. ‘runtime’ should be duration
  • #2833664 by cebasqueira, renatog: Remove unused classes
  • #2829110 by mqanneh, Berdir: Add empty results message to poll admin view
  • #2819171 by mqanneh: Views exposed filter operator for “Question” field should be “contains” instead of “=”
  • #2813729 by mqanneh: Include project namespace for module dependencies
  • #2819173 by mqanneh: Force poll to have at least one choice
  • #2783109 by tbonomelli: Add test: check the links in the poll help page
  • #2815299 by mqanneh: Invalid documentation about available variables in twig templates
  • #2774641 by ModernMantra, Ginovski: Active condition not working
  • #2743301 by neerajsingh: Removed deprecated usage of @file tag docblock and urlInfo() function
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