Problem displaying the front page in multilingual site

After a lot of trouble and googling I finally got the translation of my German site into English working (I use the “old” Content Translation method under D7). The only major issue left now before going into production is that I cannot get Drupal to display my German and English front pages. I keep getting the error message “You don’t have permission to access /de/ on this server” (…/en/…) results in the same error.

I use the Pathauto module and its generation of aliases. My front pages are “slideshows” displaying multiple images. I see that through my actions with pathauto and aliases 2 two directories (“de” and “en”) have been created, but they don’t contain index.php. So Apache2 (see message below) is obviously correct.

Looking in the Apache2 error.log, I see the error message
AH01276: Cannot serve directory /myDomain/de/: No matching DirectoryIndex
Might this have to do with apache2.conf (eg. parameters such as RewriteRule or DirectoryIndex)?
How can I fix this hurdle? What am I missing? Thanks in advance
H. Stoellinger

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