problem with migration to AWS – no images

I am trying to migrate my site to AWS.  Drupal Version 7.5.9. 

The site use to be a box with a static ip and now it is moved to a box inside a network.

I am loading it on a linux ec2 box in the private subnet behind a loadbalancer.  I was able to install and get drupal running.  If I set the base_url to the private subnet ip address and access the site while I am VPN into the private network I can see the site as normal.

However, as soon as I set the base_url to the proper domain name which is pointed to the load balancer and access the site I see the site but no images.  It is very weird.  I can actually surf through the site, but it is a skeleton with no images.

If I examine the page source I see images are being shown with domain name like:

I can not navigate to them though.  

I tried clearing all caches.

I have a virtual host set up on my httpd.conf for the domain name.  I also tried setting the servername to the domain name.  None of this seems to make a difference.  

Any ideas?

Drupal version: