Problems after upgrade to 8.6.3 from 7

I mad a new version of my site “the composer way” (, installed all the modules that were on the old site (using composer), enabled them in the GUI, copied my files directory to the new site. Then I used the migrate GUI to migrate to D8.6.3.

But, in the new site, I have several issues: 

  1. My front page (configuration/system) content is replicated so it appears twice. All of it is in the dotted box that appears when you hover over the editing pen. It is only there once if you edit it.
  2. Some of my views blocks (recent users, who’s online, etc) appear on all my pages even though I disabled them in the blocks layout page. I even tried moving them to an off-screen area.

How do I go about fixing these issues?



Drupal version: