profile2 7.x-1.6

Release notes

This release includes a couple of significant changes (see the README.txt file for more details):

1. Profile labels have been enhanced, and the format can be configured.
#2845725: Profile2 objects don’t return useful label values

2. With the profile2_page sub-module enabled, there is a new option to display a profile in a separate sub-tab of the account page.
#894984: display of profiles as tabs below user accounts

Plus fixes for the following issues:

#2148375: Displaying a profile with a specific view mode
#2614718: Generate profiles with devel_generate
#2885676: Pass by reference: hook_profile2_view_alter(&$build)
#3012391: Typo in permissions for devel generate

#1549224: Prevent duplicate profiles from being added in the db
This last issue includes a DB update that will remove any duplicate profile records that may have been inadvertently added in the past. If there are duplicate records present, then only one will ever have been visible, and this process removes all the non-visible ones.

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