Project Page Template should include configuration instructions

The Project Page template here:…

Does not include a section for configuration instructions. Even a brief overview, ideally with a link to documentation, would be very helpful. I was talking to a novice user in a forum post who was getting very frustrated with this. I’m sure they are not the only one. I can think of many times when I’ve had problems finding out how to configure something. People shouldn’t have to go into the issue queue to find that out.

You could say that modules should include a link to the configuration page in the info file, but not all of them do (to the point where I don’t usually bother checking there). And more and more modules are providing a field formatter or some other thing that doesn’t have a separate configuration screen.

A bigger issue is getting the documentation improved on existing project pages. Is there any documentation support for contrib module maintainers? It would be really helpful to have some consistency in where to find configuration instructions.

I hope posting an issue about this the right way to handle this. I didn’t think I should go in and add that section myself…