Promote Drupal – it's too early… or not worth to spend 100'000 US$ :-(

Good evening

I’ve just visited Drupal after some years and Drupal looks great.

Unfortunately, after less than 10 Minutes, I had about five Error 404 / Page not found exceptions, e.g just by visiting your Showcase:

If websites end in this kind of error, then it’s a real shame about every dollar donated to the Promote Drupal project because most visitors are leaving after the 2nd or at least after the 3rd exception. To get there, they just need some minutes, but we have spent 100’000 US$ 🙁

It’s even worse: for example, this project propose to visit the demo page:

Guess the result: 
The requested page “/edgy/edgy-page” could not be found.

The summary?
Drupal should finally be able to detect broken links (that’s a very, very basic feature), build work items and assign them with high priority to Drupal Administrators and Drupal Project managers so that they fix such annoyances and don’t detect such bugs if they manually check/use the links by accident.

All the best!

Kind regards,