Promote new Drupal 8 User Guide

Now that the User Guide is published and ready to be promoted I think we should start by re-thinking the top level /documentation page in order to promote the user guide as the entry point for new users. As well as providing a more intentional design/layout for the rest of the landing page.

Page in question:

So I guess the question is; What does a new/improved version of the main documentation landing page look like, and what purpose does it serve.

Question for the DA. Was there a design already created for this page as part of the overhaul of the documentation section?

My initial thought it something like this:

|                                       |
|    User guide                         |
|                                       |
|   D8      |    D7     |  Developers   |
|                                       |
|  Other                                |
|  - item one                           |
|  - item two                           |
|                                       |

Where the User Guide always points to the latest version of the guide for the current version of Drupal. The D8/D7 are always links to the documentation for the current, and previous versions of Drupal.

I think promoting the user guide is beneficial for a few reasons. It’s high-quality, and makes a good first impression for people who are new to Drupal. It servers as a great “Start here” call to action for both new users, and people who are evaluating Drupal.

Remaining tasks:

  • Agree on layout of page
  • Create a new design for the page
  • Implement new design

I also think that in the interm we should edit the page and add a link to the user guide much like the existing Drupal 8 / Drupal 7 links. Otherwise there is no good way for users to navigate to the guide until we redesign this page.