Proposal for the funding of module development


Drupal is very modular and has many excellent modules, but often, there are modules that would benefit from more development time. Many sites hire a developer to solve issues with modules, but I was thinking that there may be a better way to support the development of modules. 

This is what I was thinking about:

  1. There could be a module that allow a site administrator to “donate” an amount of money to the developers of some modules and themes used in his site. 
  2. This could be a recurring payment, that can be cancelled or modified at any given moment.

For example, I could donate $50 per month to the developers of 

advanced forum

Another option could be to split the donation amount into all the modules used by the site. 

I think that a system like this will foster the faster development of modules and the quality of them. A part of the money that is currently spend “privately” (for example, a site that privately hires a developer to solve an issue with a module) will be aggregated into a big “pool” of development funding. 

It will also foster the development of new modules, because many developers will find opportunities to earn money by doing it. 

I think that the number of Drupal installs is so large, that even a relatively small amount of money donated by a small part of them will create a large sum of money.