Putting up a Carousel – It's not working right.

Hi. I’m having trouble with adding a carousel to my site. I’m trying Slick Carousel now because it seems to be one of the better.

I’ve installed it, added the libraries, and set it up, but it’s just not looking like a carousel should.

In my example, the display on the page looks different from the preview. The arrows aren’t styled. It doesn’t seem like it’s a CSS issue. Also, I can’t get multiple images to show in the same line like carousels typically have. It only features one at a time.

My website is ccdrupal.dor.org, and the carousel is half way down the home page.

I am open to using a different carousel but I couldn’t really find one that looked more reliable. Any suggestions?

Also, I tried to contact Slick, but there seems to be no real company name or website or contact information or forum associated with it. :/ I also tried to find documentation, but it’s minimal, spread out across multiple sites, and much of it is not in English.


Drupal version: 

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed