Question about webform components


I am trying to create an insurance enrollment form using webform. Form is super big. I got working most of it except two sections. 

Section 1 has about 20 yes and no questions. If answered yes, then they need to give explanation for one by one.

I created 20 webform components with Select Option field with Yes and No options in the drop down. Only solution I could think of is to create 20 text fields labeling as “explainq1, explainq2, explainq3, etc. Then go to conditionals tab > add these 20 text fields when answers Yes.  It will take a lot of time to do it this way. Is there better way of doing it. 

Section 2 has list of children in the form (attached here), Public will need to be able to add list of children with name, gender, SSN, etc. I am allowing public to enter up to 5 children info. I created a fieldset component “Children Information”. I am just not sure how to create a table to enter 5 children info in the fieldset. Please advise. 


Drupal version: