Question how to set up a Gallery

I currently working on my first Drupal Website for a small local Club and I would like to add a Gallery. I want the webmaster to be able to create a new Album and to upload images to this album. I guess the Album Names should be shown like a Sub Navigation when you click on the Gallery link. In the content area I could image to see the last uploaded photos… I have never used Drupal before, so I am totally lost, how I could achieve this.

I suppose there is a Module for that? I currently use Drupal 8.3.7 The gallery needs to be easy to use, since I will have non-technical people who need to look after the content in the end. Do you guys know an easy to follow Tutorial to set a Gallery up?

I would love to display the last uploaded images onto the Frontpage, but that would be the final step. Right now I would not even know how to achieve the Gallery in general. Any advise would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much !

Drupal version: