quiz 7.x-5.0

Release notes

Quiz 5.0 is out!

Quiz 5 is a large update with lots of new functionality and architectural changes. It reflects over 2 years of development and testing and brings the Quiz project up to date with many of Drupal’s built-in technologies, and sets a good starting point for a D8 version.

For the full feature list, and upgrade instructions, see the project page.

Quiz 7.x-4.x will only receive critical bug or security fixes.

As always, please report any issues with either the upgrade or Quiz itself in the issue queue.


Many Drupalers donated their own or their employer’s time and we thank them for their contributions! Many others contributed their time by testing or reporting issues who are not in this list, but you are not forgotten! In alphabetical order, taken from the commit log:

Bès ChrisZZ Da_Cloud FreekVR GeduR Pedro Lozano RayCascella Sherif Darwish adamelleston aleix amklose andrewsjason attheshow ben.denham bohart btopro busboy captainack carlospdl celticremark copelco csakiistvan czigor derekrv djdevin djmolny dkmn docwilmot donaldp edboost esod estebanvalerio.h ezraw formatC’vt greenwe hitesh-jain idebr ipumpkin jhedstrom joelpittet jraviotta justanothermark jweowu klokie ksiebel kyoder lachezar.valchev leopathu make77 martini9011 meramo michaelk michaelmol mikemiles86 millionleaves mpv mrded oldspot ovidenov partdigital perke sandra-digitalworldbiology.com saurabh.tripathi.cs stella stickywes strategicweb tenken thehong trigdog uladzimir.karol ultimike valthebald zuernBernhard


Special thanks to DLC Solutions who sponsored me, djdevin, to drive the 5.x efforts.

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First stable release of 5.x
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