"System requirements" page have no real information

I was browsing the new documentation pages with a client the other day, to show the basic system requirements for Drupal, and noticed that the new version of this page has no real information (screenshot below). For instance, about PHP, it says:

Detailed information regarding the PHP requirements for Drupal 7.

This is not even a complete English sentence (the verb is missing), and there is, of course, no detailed information regarding the PHP requirements for Drupal 7 on that page.

The reason for the problem is that the system requirements page currently uses the “summary” fields of some different (linked) pages as its content. However, the summary field is also used in search results, description meta tags, etc., and this means that it will be really, really hard write text for the summary field so that it actually makes sense to a casual reader when that summary is displayed alone on the system requirements page.

Since the summary field already is assigned to uses such as search results, description meta tags, it should not be displayed on its own on another page. The text that appears on the system requirements page as a brief introduction to a subject that is covered in more detail on some other page must be custom written for that specific page, not pulled from the “summary” fields of a bunch of other pages.


Source: https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/rss/documentation