radix 8.x-4.x-dev

Release notes

Radix with Bootstrap 4 is here. This is the development release.

What’s new

  1. We’ve upgraded Radix and the default kit to Bootstrap 4.
  2. Radix 4 makes use of Twig components which you can easily extend and use in your own subtheme.
  3. There’s a new dependency on the Components module.
  4. We replaced Gulp with Laravel Mix. This makes for a simpler and easier build process. No you don’t need to know Laravel 🙂

How to install and test Radix 4

  1. Download and enable components.module: drush dl components; drush en components -y;
  2. Download and enable radix: drush dl radix; drush en radix -y;
  3. Create a subtheme: drush cc drush; drush radix "SUBTHEME NAME"
  4. Set default theme: drush en SUBTHEME_NAME -y; drush config-set system.theme default SUBTHEME_NAME -y
  5. Install dependencies: cd /path/to/subtheme; npm install
  6. Update proxy in /path/to/subtheme/webpack.mix.js
  7. Watch: npm run watch

Any issues? Let us know in the issue queue.

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Bootstrap 4
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