Recipe cost calculator project

Hi there,

I’m starting a little project and looking for advises on how to do it/ which modules would be helpful, basically if I can do it with what’s already existing that’s great, but am happy to code if needed.

So, this tool would basically be for a Chef/Restaurant, giving him the possibility to write recipes and see their cost :
– each recipe woud have x number of ingredients, with a quantity and a unit (1 teaspoon of cinnamon).
That’s easily done with a field collection and the units module. would Measured Value Field be better ? The Ingredients would be one or several taxonomy vocabularies, maybe it’d be needed to organize ingredients by type (fruits, spices…).
– each ingredient would have a price and a unit (5 pounds/kg for instance)
Haven’t looked into currencies yet but not too worried about it, units integrate with currency unit so that should be easy
– see how much a recipe cost
that’s where it becomes a bit tricky, how can I/is it possible to have the calculation automatic ? The recipes are very likely to have a number of serves attached to it as well so the cost would have to be divided by this number to have the cost per serve.

It does have similarities with a commerce system, without the payment part, do you think it’d be possible/better with the commerce instead ?

Any help appreciated.
Thanks all !

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