redirect 8.x-1.0-alpha4

Release notes

We’re moving fast!

The forth alpha release for Redirect includes a number of improvements, the biggest is a new module to do domain and path redirects with wildcard support. Please test it and report any issues you can find. Additionally, the 404 module now has a setting to suppress normal page not found log messages, simplified purging and an unnecessary dependency on the language module was removed.

Please help us resolve the remaining beta blocker issues:
project_issue_followers=&status%5B%5D=Open&version%5B%5D=8.x&issue_tags_op=%3D&issue_tags=beta+blocker (It is also possible that some will be changed to non-blocking improvements)

Changes since 8.x-1.0-alpha3:

  • #2833457 by Ginovski: Allow redirect between domains
  • #2851810 by stella: redirect_404 module has a dependency on language module
  • #2836458 by tduong: Add an option to suppress page not found watchdog messages
  • #2826014 by scott_euser, stefanos.petrakis: Separate URL and settings permissions
  • #2851033 by Berdir: Make source path query case sensitive on sqlite/postgresql
  • #2837123 by Berdir: Fix sqlite tests for 404 log purging
  • #2837123 by tduong, Berdir: Replace relevancy column with sorting on log(count)
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