Refactor Information Architecture of Documentation section


Currently both the main Documentation landing page and the Drupal 8 documentation landing page are very lengthy. If I counted correctly there are 34 items on the D8 page, and almost as many on Documentation! Also, they are not all at the same level of detail; for example, one item on the D8 page is “Extending Drupal 8” (very broad) and another is “Cron automated tasks” (fairly narrow). This makes it difficult for anyone to navigate to find information.

In thinking about how to reduce the links and group them better, we may need to do something about Guide Maintainer governance. Currently, each D8 Guide is shown on the D8 landing page, and each one has its own guide maintainer. If we have sub-groupings, we may have problems with maintainership.

Proposed resolution

Currently, I and a few others have given a stab at how we can combine some of these guides:

  1. Understanding Drupal 8
    1. Understanding Drupal version numbers
    2. Core modules and themes
    3. Configuration management
    4. Administering a Drupal 8 site
  2. Installing Drupal 8
    1. System requirements
  3. Extending Drupal 8
    1. Contributed modules (plans to deprecate and contact owners)
    2. Contributed themes (plans to deprecate and contact owners)
    3. Creating custom modules
    4. Theming Drupal 8
      1. Accessibility
      2. Mobile guide
  4. Migrating to Drupal
    1. Upgrading to Drupal 8
    2. Converting Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8
  5. Multisite Drupal
  6. Drupal 8 APIs
  7. Managing site performance and scalability
  8. Multilingual guide
  9. Security in Drupal 8
  10. Updating Drupal 8
  11. Distributions
    1. Creating distributions
    2. Umami: Drupal 8 demonstration installation profile
  12. Testing
    1. PHPUnit in Drupal 8
  13. External Libraries in Core

There are some items here that require more thought, but I would like to open that up to the community to talk about.

What may be ideal here (and this is up for discussion) is creating an organic group role (?) called sub guide maintainers so that people wouldn’t lose their ownership, but also so that we didn’t have so many top-level guides that are currently inflating the top-level IA.

Remaining tasks

  1. Discuss governance strategies that allowed for community ownership but also protects against inflated IAs
  2. Contact Guide Maintainers about guide ownership and contribution once we have come up with a governance strategy
  3. Coordinate with about above governance and if it’s possible to fix this problem on the site with solutions we are proposing
  4. Remaining tasks to be updated