Referenced image causing content to display more than once

So I am developing a News website for my school using drupal 8 and have encountered a problem.

This News site consists of two main content types: Issues and Articles. The Issue is simply a title and has articles contained in that issue. The Articles consist of a title, date, image, and what issue it lies within. I referenced the articles in the issue and vice versa by using entity reference. 

I have created a page view and I need it to display the Current Issue as well as the articles within the issues titles and images. I am able to display the issue title, issue image, the articles within the issues title, and the images of the articles as well. I was able to do this by creating the relationship to the articles in this view. For some reason though, whenever I add the article’s image to the fields, it displays the current issue three separate times (because this issue has 3 articles) with only one of the article’s image under each issue. Is there a way that I can display all three of the articles images under the one issue, as in all of the articles images in one row, rather than it showing three instances of the same issue with one article’s image under each issue?

Drupal version: