Refresh the Mission Statement

In DrupalCon Baltimore’s Driesnote, it was said that “Drupal is for ambitious digital experiences”. Dries outlined this topic more substantially in a blog post in June 2016:

From that post:

We need to better communicate Drupal’s identity, demonstrate its true value, and manage its perceptions and misconceptions. Words do lead to actions. Spending the time to capture what Drupal is for could energize and empower people to make better decisions when adopting, building and marketing Drupal.

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal of better setting expectations is to have Drupal’s mission statement and philosophy reflect the present and future. The last time it was substantially updated was a decade ago in #83301: Rewrite of Mission Statement to be more clear and well-defined.

Our mission statement exists at and is currently:

The Drupal mission is to build the best open source content management framework—one that represents the newest ideas and best practices in community publishing, knowledge management, and software design. We believe in open source, innovation, globalism, and collaboration.

I’m not sure if the issue queue is the best place to discuss what the mission and philosophy should be (or who has the authority to change it in the first place), but nonetheless we should track progress of this effort here for reference.