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Hi everyone. I´m using drupal 8.2
Any idea to solve my issue?

I’m created a Question Bank system. It’s ready, you can save questions for different exams and topic the user can filter using several tags (type of questions, signatures, subjects, themes, etc)

Now I’m looking to implement a way to make the user exams (or papers) on the system. It didn’t look difficult at the beginning, add a new content type (exam) with a field that let you links others nodes (questions), easy isn’t it?

But the user need to filtrate 2 thousand of questions to find which questions are they going to add to the exam (or link to the exam node).

My problem: I can´t find a way to show the exam/edit page and at the same time show a filter exposed view with all the questions.

I had tried several approach:
Show the node/edit + a block view (filters no exposed)
Using Iframe
using a couple of “exposed filters view blokes” (ajax not working and reload the whole page)

Any idea, suggestion?

Drupal version: