restresource: No route found

I am trying to create a rest endpoint. The way i do it is i first create a module with `drupal generate:module` then add the rest dependency and then create a restresource with `drupal generate:plugin:rest:resource`. This all works fine, the endpoint i created even shows up in the module restui with the following path: `/api/v1/articles`.
The problem is when i go to the endpoint i created i get the following error:

      "message": "No route found for "GET /api/v1/articles""

Cache rebuilding doesn’t fix the problem for me and when i look in the routing table there is indeed no routing added for `/api/v1/articles`.
Is there something i am forgetting to do?

This is the generated rest resource:

namespace Drupalapi_articlesPluginrestresource;
    use DrupalCoreSessionAccountProxyInterface;
    use DrupalrestPluginResourceBase;
    use DrupalrestResourceResponse;
    use SymfonyComponentDependencyInjectionContainerInterface;
    use SymfonyComponentHttpKernelExceptionAccessDeniedHttpException;
    use PsrLogLoggerInterface;
     * Provides a resource to get view modes by entity and bundle.
     * @RestResource(
     *   id = "article_rest_resource",
     *   label = @Translation("Article rest resource"),
     *   uri_paths = {
     *     "canonical" = "/api/v1/articles"
     *   }
     * )
    class ArticleRestResource extends ResourceBase {
       * A current user instance.
       * @var DrupalCoreSessionAccountProxyInterface
      protected $currentUser;
       * Constructs a DrupalrestPluginResourceBase object.
       * @param array $configuration
       *   A configuration array containing information about the plugin instance.
       * @param string $plugin_id
       *   The plugin_id for the plugin instance.
       * @param mixed $plugin_definition
       *   The plugin implementation definition.
       * @param array $serializer_formats
       *   The available serialization formats.
       * @param PsrLogLoggerInterface $logger
       *   A logger instance.
       * @param DrupalCoreSessionAccountProxyInterface $current_user
       *   A current user instance.
      public function __construct(
        array $configuration,
        array $serializer_formats,
        LoggerInterface $logger,
        AccountProxyInterface $current_user) {
        parent::__construct($configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition, $serializer_formats, $logger);
        $this->currentUser = $current_user;
       * {@inheritdoc}
      public static function create(ContainerInterface $container, array $configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition) {
        return new static(
       * Responds to GET requests.
       * Returns a list of bundles for specified entity.
       * @throws SymfonyComponentHttpKernelExceptionHttpException
       *   Throws exception expected.
      public function get() {
        // You must to implement the logic of your REST Resource here.
        // Use current user after pass authentication to validate access.
        if (!$this->currentUser->hasPermission('access content')) {
          throw new AccessDeniedHttpException();
        return new ResourceResponse("Implement REST State GET!");
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