Return destination not working to get back from Field Collection item edit

I have a Field Collection in an EntityForm. I display the contents in a View and provide a link for the user to add another line item to the field collection, which works great in a nice Ajax overlay using the following code in a text (markup) field.
<a href="field-collection/field-inv-account-details/add/entityform/[entityform_id]&destination=TEST-primary-data-entry-summary/[entityform_id]">ADD ITEM</a>
However, after clicking SAVE to commit the new entry the user is sent to a summary of the entered data and not back to where they clicked, and my destination directive in the URL is ignored.

So, instead of being sent back to:[entityform_id]

They’re sent to:[entityform_id]

Has anyone encountered this and found, or can suggest, a workaround or solution to bring the user back to the initial View/URL?

Drupal version: