Rework module Poll (add field and uploading a list of replies from taxonomy module)

I have the following task.
The user creates a poll material, which indicates a question, and choose from a list of predefined options in the taxonomy module, he can not enter own response options. Next to the answer choice to be a field for entering the number, we call it the maximum score. The administrator can set up: whether the field is displayed or not.
After the publication of voting registered users can choose the answers and indicate their score of possible answers, but no more than the maximum score. Published voting are as follows: a list answers, the maximum score for each answers, and in front of each answer:
– if the maximum score is greater than 1, then the field for filling user’s score;
– if the maximum score is equal to 1, the check box where the user can put a check mark, if he choose this option.
Voters can choose the more than one answer.
When an administrator configure a rule, the actual information with the voting results can be displayed as a scale for each answer option on the voting page. Scale value equal to the sum of user scores divided by the maximum score.
The value of the scale is displayed as a percentage, and the absolute value of the sum of user’s scores of voting. When the scale value reaches 100%, the width of the scale stops increasing, but the value in a percentage and absolute terms may be increased if the user has selected this answer and indicate their scores. Author of voting can view a list of users who voted, and delete one or several of selected answers by the user. At the same time the total score of this answer option is decreased to the score of this answer option given this user.
Somebody knows how add a new field to the answer option in poll module? And how to make that the answers will be loaded from the taxonomy?

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