RFP For Development of Triage and Expert System Tool – Michigan Advocacy Porgram

The Michigan Advocacy Program (MAP) is issuing this RFP to hire a vendor to create a Triage and Expert System Tool in Drupal using branching logic to guide people experiencing legal problems in Michigan to the best and most appropriate resource(s) to help them based on their individual needs and the resources available in the community. End-points of the system will include content on Michigan Legal Help, links to legal services programs’ online intake systems, and links to other resources as needed.

MAP is initiating this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit responses from vendors interested in creating a triage tool in Drupal to integrate with MichiganLegalHelp.org. We expect this triage tool will be used by thousands of people each week to help guide them to appropriate legal assistance and to ensure that 100% of people get access to some kind of useful legal resources when needed.

The system must be built in Drupal and seamlessly integrate with MichiganLegalHelp.org. Ideally, it will build upon triage systems already in place in Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine, importing many of the functionalities from these sites but modifying the user interface.

Proposals are due by 5pm (EDT) on 7/15/16 and a vendor will be selected by 7/25/2016. Work on this project is scheduled to begin in August 2016. A working beta version of the tool must be complete and ready for in-house testing and controlled user testing by 10/31/16. The final tool must be ready to launch by 9/1/2017.

Our maximum budget for this contractor is $25,000. Payment will be made in three installments as agreed upon milestones are met. Proposals should be “total cost” bids covering all specifications outlined below.


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