RFQ template for shipping company web site

We are currently considering upgrading our 2 websites www.greenreefers.no and www.greenmanagement.eu
In this process we will merge the 2 sites and need a new design template. The site will be run on our servers and software and content maintained by ourselves. We will focus on having the site working well with clear profile and universal accessibility on all digital platforms including web browser, tablet, mobile devices etc.
We are a shipping company with little need for web presence so there is a low budget for this.
We may require to add video/voice, picture displays for certain purpose etc our web site, but it’s not required currently. The site should be prepared for this though.
We only want to use free Linux compatible modules. Fonts used must have a licence which allow our group of companies to use it for this purpose.
If you work on your own server before uploading contents to us, we will require the database to be compatible with Marina DB or Postgres SQL with versions available in Debian 8 and later.
We want the work to be finalized in mid September 2017 including our own work adding content to the site.

We would like to get a rough quote on this so we can consider if it’s worth going forward.

Drupal version: 

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