Role access VS Node access

Hello eveybody,

I hope this is the right forum but as this is no so technical I think so.

I’m wondering if the Role access is better than the node access. Often you want to give access to content or feature to specific people and then of course it’s easy to use the Role access. But in this case you can have a lot of Role type (eg : I have 20 features and want to give one or more features to each people. But all people can have a mix of the features).

In the other hand if I give access to a node (or prevent the access to one node) I have to be sure that it’s not possible to use the features which are described in my node. Example : prevent access to the page with the add/edit node but do not edit the roles.

So my conclusion is that we have to use the Role access in priority in Drupal because this is the base for the features usage (modules).

Do you agree with this conclusion? 🙂 Or is it more technical?