rules 8.x-3.0-alpha2

Release notes

Important: Rules now depends on the latest Typed data API enhancements module, that is alpha1 or the latest development snapshot. If you are updating from a previous Rules version make sure to download and install the Typed Data API module before updating.

Changes since 8.x-3.0-alpha1:

  • #2809337 by fago: Remove oudated debug-patch which is not needed any more and causing problems with drupal 8.3.x.
  • #2700519 by fago: Remove typed data code from Rules and depend … (#473)
  • Make context processor schema pass schema validation.
  • #2788751 by fago: Tokens are not replaced when configured via the UI.
  • chore(tests): Enable DrupalPractice standard in PHPCS checks
  • fix(browser tests): Remove clickLink() method, now provided by core (#470)
  • fix(browser tests): Remove clickLink() method, now provided by core
  • chore(phpcs): Fixed coding standards
  • #2754867 by Manjit.Singh: Bullet should not be there in action button.
  • #2767005 by Shreya Shetty: Add composer .json
  • Removed obsolete extra test error processing, covered by core now
  • Removed core patch that got committed from Travis testing
  • Use the default PHP 5.6 version on Travis again, it defaults to the latest release that does not segfault anymore
  • Add Drupal core 8.3.x for testing
  • Added core patch to fix wrong EntityTypeBundleInfo type hints
  • Fixed whitespace coding standards
  • #2755415 by neerajsingh: Remove @file tag docblock.
  • #2751153 by rajeshwari10, fago, klausi: Removed deprecated method drupal_render from code base.
  • #2654936 by Cryt1c, emclaughlin, fago: Do not use global exception classes like InvalidArgumentException
  • #2513076 by fago: Add event amd component caching when rules are invoked.
  • #2724595 by klausi, yanniboi: Fixed config schema for send email action
  • Removed Drupal core 8.0.x from testing
  • #2702159 by yanniboi, jmoreira, oushen, klausi: Fixed send mail action by implementing hook_mail()
  • Add missing group information to ExpressionSerializationTest.php
  • #2721201: Improve test coverage to ensure expression objects can be serialized.
  • #2702679: Provide the unchanged entity in entity presave and other events
  • #2648300: Support multiple contexts in the UI
  • Fixed coding standards for new Coder version
  • #2659954: Switch Travis CI sudo container mode to avoid random functional test fails
  • #2648326: Implemented human readable labels/descriptions for UI autocomplete results
  • #2648326: added nested autocomplete suggestions in the UI
  • #2648326: Implemented autocomplete as data fetcher service, expanded test case with node examples
  • #2471693 by a.milkovsky, garphy, emclaughlin, Sentei, Insasse: Port Rules base settings + form
  • Composer install is mandatory for Drupal 8.1.x and up
  • Removed leftover line from routing file
  • #2648326: Implemented first version of UI data selector autocomplete
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